The Versus Penta slider is an extremely easy and quick system to open curtainsiders. Unlike traditional curtainsiders, the Versus Penta slider works without buckles.

As the curtainsider has rollers both at the top and the bottom side, it easily folds up in one swoop.

The Penta Slider systems combine all the possible curtainsider and sliding roof systems in one concept.

A quick and comfortable curtainsider on one side, a traditional curtainsider or even a solid wall on the other side, and an optional sliding roof on top.

A combination to suit everyone.

The Versus Penta systems are available in two different versions.

The PentaCity is designed for short bodies up to 8.500mm.

It is ideal for quick and safe loading or unloading in busy city centres. The cargo space can be accessed in seconds and closed up again. This system can be combined with a Versus sliding roof.

The PentaWave is a slider system with reinforced profiles behind the curtainsider. This means that the system is suitable for trailers up to 13.600mm.

The PentaWave still has the same beneifits as the PentaCity version. This system can be combined with a Versus sliding roof and a Versus Axces lifting system.

The full catalogue can be seen by using the link below:-