EuroSlider Curtain & Bodywork Kit

A Fast-access curtain and bodywork system for use in high street delivery situations where speed of operation is critical.
Ideal for utilising full coverage graphics, keeping the emphasis where it matters – on your message.

The Euroslider kit comprises of:

Range of over 35 standard colours.
900gsm 2×2 Panama pvc coated polyester high gloss lacquered finish.
All high frequency welded construction.
Vertical webbings linking top and bottom rollers.
Horizontal outward bias folding system keeps curtain away from load area.

Bodywork Parts
Doors panels complete with locks.
Aluminium cant-rail and side-rave tracks.
Pelmets, side-rave seals and door seals.

Fabric colour splits, bands and curves.
Anti-Vandal Pockets
Chafing (Wear) bands.
Full graphics service.