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A Fast-access curtain system for use in high street delivery situations where the speed of operation is critical.

Stronghold Easy-Slide Curtains are manufactured to the highest possible standards using 2×2 900gsm high gloss polyester PVC. Vertical pockets are welded to the inside face at approx. 610mm centres to accept the unique Stronghold Flexitube, roller and hook system. Curtains can be made to either wrap around the end door panels or just slightly overlap. All curtains are available in a wide range of colours from stock.


  • Our Range of over 35 standard colours.
  • 900gsm 2×2 Panama pvc coated polyester high gloss lacquered finish.
  • All high frequency welded construction.
  • Vertical Flexi-tubes link top rollers to bottom hooks.
  • Vertical outward bias curtain folding system keeps curtain away from load area.
  • Door locks supplied to suit door construction (by bodybuilder).
Stronghold Easy Slider Roller

Stronghold Rollers

Stronghold Rollers are designed using the latest in plastics technology. These rollers are made with varying wheel sizes to suit most track or cantrail sections. The roller bodies are manufactured to fit the Stronghold Flexitube system and are twinfixed through the curtain fabric.

All Stronghold rollers and hooks are fitted using stainless steel non-corrosive twin fixings. This ensures that any assembly can be easily removed and replace in the case of accidental damage.

Outward Bias System

Stronghold outward bias system ensures that the curtain folds away from the vehicle loading area when being opened. By using the Stronghold Flexitube system with couplings the curtain is prevented from folding inward.

Stronghold Easy Slider Coupling and Flexitube

Bottom Hooks

Stronghold all plastic bottom hooks are designed to slide along the vehicle side rave. These hooks are manufactured to fit the Stronghold Flexitube system and are twinfixed through the curtain fabric.

Additional Options

Fabric colour splits, bands and curves.

Anti-Vandal Pockets

Chafing (Wear) bands.

Full graphics service.



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